Saturday, June 30, 2012

spending more time locked.

I'll admit,

I haven't been a very good boy so far in 2012. I'd put on the cage and tease myself with it and then later in the day or night I'd take it off.

A lot of that came from me trying to use the smaller ring on my jailbird. It works perfectly, except...some nights, for whatever reason, it pinches the skin that is in that grey area of not cock/not balls, on the left side of my cock. That happened again last night after two days locked up.

She had fallen asleep on the couch so I took it off and laid down, telling myself I was going to be good and not touch.

We got up this morning (actually this afternoon, we had a late night!) and my cock was SO excited. I told her about the predicament and then I jokingly told her that he was aching for her hand so she teasingly stroked me. God, she does this thing where she just BARELY touches with her palm and then the back of her hand, going from one side to the other. It's so frustrating!

Anyway, after I finally got my cock to uh..calm down, I locked back up, but used the bigger ring. With the bigger ring, I can kinda pull out of it...and with the smaller one, I can't. But as long as I am wearing some nice tighter undies and have got the willpower to not be a naughty boy..(because when I slip out, my balls are still in, so it's kinda obvious lol.) then I can do good.

So, it's day three locked up and probably day five without cumming, and this is longer than I've gone in a LONG time, so it's taken some getting used to. Spent some time yesterday watching porn and I made a little wet spot in my captain american undies.  :D


  1. Try using some silicon lube where the ring sits against the skin. Pull the loose scrotum skin all the way through so the ring is flush to your body. Found this helps to prevent pinching, especially during the night when involuntary erections occur regularly with the sleep cycle.

  2. I think here in a few weeks the issue will be resolved. I'm going to get pierced as soon as I can scrape together some extra dough. :D

    that way I can wear the slightly larger ring and I REALLY won't be able to pull out, even if I wanted to! :P