Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I've finally got time to post

I have been SO swamped this last semester, but it all paid off. All of the problems I had over the Winter break with the college, the 18 hours worth of classes, all worth it!

I graduated, and am looking for a job now!

AND, because I won't be in classes all day and then going to work afterwards, I'll have more time to post.

anyway, not much has been going on because, like I said, we've both been pretty swamped. I'm excited though, because I know now we'll have more time for things that are blog worthy, and I'll have more time to dedicate towards the blog!

I also got a new collar for our anniversary. We ordered it from CollarFactory, and it's awesome! Their service was great. They were a little backed, because they hadn't received the locking buckles that were part of our order. Anyway, it's awesome. baby blue leather with baby pink faux fur on the inside. It has these little blue teal gems on it, and the locking buckle. It's great! I'll take a picture and post it when I get a chance!

ChasteBoy out!

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