Thursday, December 20, 2012


So it happened, and it was pretty much everything I thought it was going to be.

It's going to happen again tonight. She's going to do some stuff with her bridesmaids and I've got band practice. I'm going to be locked and after she does her thing, she's going over to his place.

As for the blog and the updates, I've found that as I have become increasingly busy, I feel really disenchanted with writing updates. I have work, band practice, my regular life, the blog, and a bunch of other shit. The blog just isn't one of my priorities anymore, and I can tell that the quality of my updates and writing really reflect that.

We'll see what happens with this, but I think I'm taking an official hiatus.(as opposed to the unofficial one I've been on with my sporadic updates for the last six months or so)

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say congrats! I know, a little late, I'm going to have to add your link to my blog so I can stay up to date. Sorry to hear about the hiatus, but I understand how life gets. Hope to hear from you soon.