Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just another update.

I was allowed an orgasm four days after the last post. It really wasn't anything special or different than before, and I've been working my butt off so I neglected to post about it.

We met a friend from fetlife at Barnaby's in Montrose for dinner last week. He was coming from a bear get together and talked to another mutual fetlife friend(whom I've never met) about coming and meeting me/us.

He told me that the other guy was jealous, and that he said he had some superglue for my lock. This made my Mommy-Fiancee chuckle and she said she'd have to keep that in mind. I later found out that the guy didn't even say that, it was just the person we were supposed to meet fucking with me. he did say he was jealous though, or so I've been told! :D

Anyway, earlier today I texted her and asked if she remembered the whole superglue incident. She said yes and I bashfully told her that it was really hot. 

We played some games with her family and then retired to bed and I put on Fanboys. Great flick.

She was loving on me and we started talking about the whole superglue thing. I told her that I definitely would need some Mommy-Reassurance and she did her best to tell me that it would be okay.

She used me, as she often does, and once she came she started touching me some more, asking how long I think I could go?

Could you go one week for me?

I nodded.

What about two?

I nodded again

What about a whole month?

I was hesitant, but I nodded.

Then she brought up....once again.....making me wait until we were married. She talked about she'd tease me, and use me, and when we were finally married and I was allowed out she would kiss me all over and let me enter her so I could explode inside of her. Then she told me how bad she wanted to feel me exploding inside of her, and how she knew I wouldn't be able to control myself after so long so after I came she'd make me lick her and clean her out. All of this was while she was touching me, ever so lightly, with her soft little hands.

Needless to say, I wanted to come very, very badly.

She told me no, time and time again.

Then she hit me with another bombshell.

When she is ready to lock me back up, I'll know, because that will be the next time I get to come.


I'm excited, and nervous, and anxious, and horny.

I don't know how long she really plans to keep me locked. The year thing really really turned her on I think. I am a bit scared, as I believe I should be....but like I told her, if that is what she wanted, I would do it for her.

So that's where we stand.


  1. What a wonderful gift to give her for your wedding! do it do it do it!

  2. I have seen this video of a guy in a stainless steel chastity device (probably the Jail Bird from Mature Metal) who then used a small rivet gun to rivet the device! Now the only way he or his wife have access is to use a drill!